Monday, May 20, 2013

Confessions(& ramblings of randomness)..

I must confess,I have been SO BAD at updating,I said in my earlier post quote "I'll be keeping this here blog updated(seriously NO joke)  " Uhh...that was a huge lie,I know so horrid. 

I have been EXTREMELY busy with school and then to top it off,I have been looking for externship sites and a second job(all this grown up stuff) and then trying to get my life organized and DISCIPLINE myself to get my school work done in time instead of procrastinating at the very last minute.
Like this here picture explains it all:

I'll also be getting out of school in 3 weeks,FREEDOM!!!(well not really,then it's work) .
Well I didn't even talk about school,I shall say it has been quite an adventure,I have seriously learned alot of things I had no idea could happen in the human body,quite fascinating & terrifying at the same time. 
This past week we did injections on each other, not the fake kind,but seriously the real ones. 
I was a little freaked out about poking someone else,thinking that I might do it wrong and the needle would break,all these wild thoughts that were making me stinkin nervous. BUT it all went well and it's not that bad at all,unless if I get to work with kids that nearly faint at the site of a needle!!! 

Church has been really amazing(I mean it always has) but for some reason I feel personally I'm a different person last year. The way I think and the way I handle certain situations,I think as things happen and as you get older you learn from circumstances and especially others. All this makes you a better person,I mean you chose,if you are going to learn from it or just let it pass by like it was merely a small thing and learn NOTHING at all(which is quite sad in my case) . 
I must say I'm a "people-watcher" like those that just sit at the mall and watch everyone pass by(I do it when I get dog tired of walking around) I learned by watching others,what happened when they get themselves into things and the consequences of it,I sometimes just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for teaching me something,that I DO NOT want to be that type of person.

Gosh this is what happens when you don't blog FOREVER. You get a bunch of random things said in one post. I need to get my act together!Ha..

I hope y'all have a fabulous gorgeous day. I will be posting more(and there it goes seriously!!!) 


(p.s I had to share some pics. from this past month)

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