Monday, May 20, 2013

Confessions(& ramblings of randomness)..

I must confess,I have been SO BAD at updating,I said in my earlier post quote "I'll be keeping this here blog updated(seriously NO joke)  " Uhh...that was a huge lie,I know so horrid. 

I have been EXTREMELY busy with school and then to top it off,I have been looking for externship sites and a second job(all this grown up stuff) and then trying to get my life organized and DISCIPLINE myself to get my school work done in time instead of procrastinating at the very last minute.
Like this here picture explains it all:

I'll also be getting out of school in 3 weeks,FREEDOM!!!(well not really,then it's work) .
Well I didn't even talk about school,I shall say it has been quite an adventure,I have seriously learned alot of things I had no idea could happen in the human body,quite fascinating & terrifying at the same time. 
This past week we did injections on each other, not the fake kind,but seriously the real ones. 
I was a little freaked out about poking someone else,thinking that I might do it wrong and the needle would break,all these wild thoughts that were making me stinkin nervous. BUT it all went well and it's not that bad at all,unless if I get to work with kids that nearly faint at the site of a needle!!! 

Church has been really amazing(I mean it always has) but for some reason I feel personally I'm a different person last year. The way I think and the way I handle certain situations,I think as things happen and as you get older you learn from circumstances and especially others. All this makes you a better person,I mean you chose,if you are going to learn from it or just let it pass by like it was merely a small thing and learn NOTHING at all(which is quite sad in my case) . 
I must say I'm a "people-watcher" like those that just sit at the mall and watch everyone pass by(I do it when I get dog tired of walking around) I learned by watching others,what happened when they get themselves into things and the consequences of it,I sometimes just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for teaching me something,that I DO NOT want to be that type of person.

Gosh this is what happens when you don't blog FOREVER. You get a bunch of random things said in one post. I need to get my act together!Ha..

I hope y'all have a fabulous gorgeous day. I will be posting more(and there it goes seriously!!!) 


(p.s I had to share some pics. from this past month)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Don't worry away...

I SURE will NOT. Life is too short to be worried all the time. I must  confess I sometimes can become so worried about life,school and stuff that do not even need "worrying",I tell myself "alright girl.take a chill pill,breathe deeply & trust God,everything will be fine" . Even if it does not turn out the way you want it to, but hey it happens!! life sucks at times,but it has to move on & don't spend your life worrying & stressing over it.PLUS it does you no good to you,your health in general,to keep worrying all the time.
 Life is too short & precious to spend it worrying away.So...DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY.*>:D< big hug


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HELLO 2013....

Well.......HELLO y'all*&lt):) cowboy  I seriously have not been very good about keeping this here blog up to date.Last time I posted was right before thanksgiving,eekk.

I have some AMAZING news!!! I'm starting my clinical medical assistant program*:D big grin  Gosh life seems like it seriously is on jet speed for me. I'm looking for part-time jobs here & there..well basically everywhere I can(applied to lots of them too,so fingers & toes crossed)since my externship will be starting in May,I don't want the job to be full time(like 1 year commitment type a thing).

So far life is going great,especially when you have God on your side.I have learned you got to put your WHOLE TRUST in him,even when life seem like it's going crazy.I have my hope anchored in someone greater than anything in this world's got to offer..(I'm so going off topic) 

BUT..anywho, I'll be keeping up this blog updated a lot(SERIOUSLY,no joke) since I'll have my own laptop.That's all I have in my mind right now. I have to get back to getting all my school things together & reviewing  everything I need to bring the 1st day of class.

Have a wonderful week*:x lovestruck


p.s here a sneak of my books..I LOVE the smell of new books

Thursday, November 1, 2012


THERE SURE IS!!!! (I'll try to keep this short,since,I know some looooong post can be boring ha;)

I was thinking today,as I woke up all warm(I really didn't want to get out of bed;) I thought,wow thank you God for a grand new day,I heard it pouring rain outside, I'm so thankful I have a roof over my head,I have a nice warm bed & heated house,thank you so much God.I thought of those who don't have a house & have to stay out in the freezing rain,stay under an over pass or a bridge.THANK YOU GOD for your blessings & I hope they find a warm place!!! 
Sometimes we get too focused on our own problems or "I wish I had this" mentality(Yea,I confess,sometimes I get a little TOO spoiled) all this kind of blinds our "gratefulness eye view" . We wish had a better house,car,room(me), body,whatever it is,you know the "I wish I can change" list. 
One day I thought,my word! I'm being such a brat, I have an awesome family that loves me,I have a house in an awesome neighborhood,I go to an amazing church and I have friends that are there for me.I have clothes(never ending), food,money,I'm all right in my mind,I don't have a disability and I'm here "wishing" I could change,SO BRATTY right!!! Yea,knock me in the head. I started to cry & said,You know God? I REALLY don't deserve all this,but THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything from the clothes on my back,to the food on the table,to me not being sickly,my family,church,life(that I'm still breathing) and just for EVERYTHING seriously and for YOU God,like THANK YOU for loving me even when I don't deserve it,THANK YOU for your provisions.THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! 

So each day thank God for something/anything,thank someone. Every time I wake up,I say "hey God,thanks for giving me a beautiful morning" .
 Wake up each day with a thankful heart and go to bed thanking him for the day that just finished.Trust me,outlook on life and others will definitely change.
*(& thanks for taking the time to read this:D


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Windy Day(random post)

I felt like I was in the Wizard of Oz story line,it was so windy,with dust whirling around like a tornado was about to whisk me away to the land of Oz. It was really hot & windy and to add more of the "Kansas farm life"(I don't live in Kansas & don't plan to live there:) our neighbors were plowing their hay field. 
So I stayed mostly inside & mod-podged my "L" letter wood with a scrap of lace material. I'm a mod-podge freak,both me & my mumsy. It's a little tricky when you have to cut & fold the lace around the letter once it's glued,but you get a hang of it & end up with a gunk of glue all over your hands:)  We even mod-podged this container with a huge lace curtain that we got from the thrift store. 
Any-who,this is such a random post. I hope you all have a wonderful evening...

1)You can get the wooden letters from any craft store.
2)Spray paint it gold(or ANY color you love)
3)Mod-Podge(gloss) & a lace material,if you don't like lace,then any material will do:)
4)Cut around edges and lightly glue an over coat(not too much or it will look messy when dome)
5) Then let it dry for a couple hours.

Majestic Oak tree(took this picture today)

Me & the little sis. at LA.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

B & B...(Baking & Broken camera)

I found this recipe Peppermint bark brownies on Gojee(you can add it as an App on Chrome).
You type in whatever you are "craving" and they'll throw you every kind of recipe imaginable with  whatever you were craving. When I found this recipe,I was was ecstatic(yes, I'm weird) I absolutely LOVE trying out new recipes, experimenting with different kind of goodies.Come Christmas time,I think I might bake this for friends,for my teen girls class or even put it in cute little cellophane wrapper & give them to sweet people at church.I REALLY can't wait to bake this & I'll for sure will let y'all know how it turned out, delicious or not...I won't lie,ha! 
*On the side note,I ALWAYS failed making brownies when I made it from those packages(except once) but this one is from scratch,which I love.Baking or cooking from scratch is my favorite.Anyways Peppermint you,I can't wait to get my mixer ready & get ready to bake this..
(she has a whole lot of other delish recipes too:)

My mouth is already watering.....

AND...the other note about my camera..It broke:'( I'm so bummed.The lenses broke.I had given it to my sister to hold,she had put it in her purse(we were at the beach) and I guess sand got into her purse and to my camera,which ruined the lenses & I just got it for Christmas last year. Try to turn it on it does this "chick-cha-chik" sound that's sad & frustrating at the same time.The only thing you can do now is look at pictures,if you even try to take pictures,it come out looking distorted.
So there goes my camera rambling.I'm trying to be patient & try to fix it,but my fixing abilities is limited.So for now I'm saving for a Cannon Rebel(I have always wanted to have one)Anyways I won't die without a camera,I'll wait for those Black Friday sale on thanksgiving week &  HOPEFULLY it goes on sale.
 I hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday & I have to get back to finish reorganizing my room. Moce(bye in Fijian)


Monday, September 17, 2012


(be warned this will be the MOST random piece of writing you will EVER see in your life)

What shall I say,hmmm..well here I'm working at beautiful Sacramento(NOT so beautiful,being sarcastic;) Listening to Michael Buble Christmas music.  My new job is being a nurse in training(taking care of the elderly) But my main focus is children,I love kids,my dream is to be a Pediatrician.My plan is go to Med school next year,wish me luck:)

I've been thinking this whole week of what I want to do before this year ends,sorta like a mini bucket list of mine.I have really been wanting to do sky diving,ride a horse(never have),go rafting,hike Yosemite,go on a road trip to New York & go zip lining(again),lose 10lbs & be toned by November.Thinking of skiing,but a little chicken,I might fall flat on my face on the snow & embarrass myself,but willing to risk it & have some fun.

Loving the feeling of being independent,BUT..I'm so homesick for my family & church.I miss them all so terribly..I might say,I'm a little home-buddy. Missing my Bu(grandma) in Fiji,seeing pictures of back home,makes me miss it even more.

Well guess what I did with mango's?!?..I heated some mango chunks(they have really yummy ones at Trader Joe's) on a non-stick skillet,add a little brown sugar,stir till you see the mango's look like "chunky pudding" I don't know if that's even a proper culinary term,Oh well!! You'll tell when it's heated thoroughly AND at last,pour it over cold vanilla ice-cream..It's so yummy,I had two bowls,Yes the fatty that I'am,ha!..

Me & my sister are to be getting our very first car,by the beginning of October,that we worked ourselves to get!! A 1996 Honda Passport..I call it our "Passport to Freedom" now I can go road-trippin with my girlys,which we have been planning forever.My sister wants to go to Chicago,but I want to drive all the way to New York,that's the part we butt heads at..We'll see what my other friends say,If it's Chicago,then that's fine with me,at least it's a road trip right! Gosh sisters...

I would really LOVE to go to England,it's beautiful place that's so rich in history & catch a glimpse of one of the royals..One day day England,I'm a coming;)

P.S.You're probably thinking "what is this girl thinking" Guess my brain is running 300mph..I had to say it,I would write more,but time does not permit me,dearies..It's good for you,As I've heard..

Hope y'all have a beautiful day..


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

True words

Be careful what you invest yourself into. Life is too short to be bitter,angry.unhappy,unkind,unforgiving.
Live life like you're going to die tomorrow.
LOVE with all your heart,LAUGH a lot & GIVE more.
Live the life God wants you to live!!!!
(now with all my rambling,you get my point;) Hope you have an amazing day & NOW go live your life,the way God wants you & be careful what you invest in.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Camp Meeting 2012...


Well I shall say,I have been busy,sick & working. But,this past week me & a couple of  my girlfriends,our brothers & their friends went to Camp Meeting up in Santa Maria, we had our own tents,cooked outdoors,I LOVED it. 
 Bro.Mooney from Indiana preached every evening it was a 5 days family camp.They have it a fairground, everyone sets up their trailers & tents.It's alot of fun.I'm definitely going next year!

*Had an amazing time at church
*Hear amazing choirs & preaching every night
*Meeting new people
*Asking people if they "worked out"(an inside joke)
*Warned by the security that we were too loud(we had about 30 people by our fire a few nights) 
*Staying up late
*Bonfires every night
*Swimming at the freeezzing Pismo Beach(worth being sick,aye)
*Playing tag football at midnight with all the girls
*Experience walking to the showers & bathrooms
*Having your extension cord(head) smashed by some kid driving a a golf cart! 
Oh the memories;) Here are few pictures..

We made Carnitas!!

Carnitas with Tortillas,mmmm..


The stubborn girl who twisted her ankle & insisted on going to the beach the next day!! I LOVE her!

This picture touched her heart!

FUNNY STORY: This random guy who we always ended sitting by  or behind us,was a Red Indian,BUT..he had this weird rattler and some shaker thing he would shake all the time,kinda freaky & was saving spiders!YEA..he was a little creepy!!

Too much fun!



With the Eureka girls;)

Random is this!

Our 70's Tent!! This my diva sister.btw

Rafa(my little brother) grilling our dinner.

Smart Guy! Ironed his shirt before he ate & before the iron has a full line of boys.

Chow time!!

Tent Meeting!

Rocking our shades!
Going back home & Enjoying some Delish Clam Chowder;)