Monday, September 17, 2012


(be warned this will be the MOST random piece of writing you will EVER see in your life)

What shall I say,hmmm..well here I'm working at beautiful Sacramento(NOT so beautiful,being sarcastic;) Listening to Michael Buble Christmas music.  My new job is being a nurse in training(taking care of the elderly) But my main focus is children,I love kids,my dream is to be a Pediatrician.My plan is go to Med school next year,wish me luck:)

I've been thinking this whole week of what I want to do before this year ends,sorta like a mini bucket list of mine.I have really been wanting to do sky diving,ride a horse(never have),go rafting,hike Yosemite,go on a road trip to New York & go zip lining(again),lose 10lbs & be toned by November.Thinking of skiing,but a little chicken,I might fall flat on my face on the snow & embarrass myself,but willing to risk it & have some fun.

Loving the feeling of being independent,BUT..I'm so homesick for my family & church.I miss them all so terribly..I might say,I'm a little home-buddy. Missing my Bu(grandma) in Fiji,seeing pictures of back home,makes me miss it even more.

Well guess what I did with mango's?!?..I heated some mango chunks(they have really yummy ones at Trader Joe's) on a non-stick skillet,add a little brown sugar,stir till you see the mango's look like "chunky pudding" I don't know if that's even a proper culinary term,Oh well!! You'll tell when it's heated thoroughly AND at last,pour it over cold vanilla ice-cream..It's so yummy,I had two bowls,Yes the fatty that I'am,ha!..

Me & my sister are to be getting our very first car,by the beginning of October,that we worked ourselves to get!! A 1996 Honda Passport..I call it our "Passport to Freedom" now I can go road-trippin with my girlys,which we have been planning forever.My sister wants to go to Chicago,but I want to drive all the way to New York,that's the part we butt heads at..We'll see what my other friends say,If it's Chicago,then that's fine with me,at least it's a road trip right! Gosh sisters...

I would really LOVE to go to England,it's beautiful place that's so rich in history & catch a glimpse of one of the royals..One day day England,I'm a coming;)

P.S.You're probably thinking "what is this girl thinking" Guess my brain is running 300mph..I had to say it,I would write more,but time does not permit me,dearies..It's good for you,As I've heard..

Hope y'all have a beautiful day..


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