Wednesday, October 3, 2012

B & B...(Baking & Broken camera)

I found this recipe Peppermint bark brownies on Gojee(you can add it as an App on Chrome).
You type in whatever you are "craving" and they'll throw you every kind of recipe imaginable with  whatever you were craving. When I found this recipe,I was was ecstatic(yes, I'm weird) I absolutely LOVE trying out new recipes, experimenting with different kind of goodies.Come Christmas time,I think I might bake this for friends,for my teen girls class or even put it in cute little cellophane wrapper & give them to sweet people at church.I REALLY can't wait to bake this & I'll for sure will let y'all know how it turned out, delicious or not...I won't lie,ha! 
*On the side note,I ALWAYS failed making brownies when I made it from those packages(except once) but this one is from scratch,which I love.Baking or cooking from scratch is my favorite.Anyways Peppermint you,I can't wait to get my mixer ready & get ready to bake this..
(she has a whole lot of other delish recipes too:)

My mouth is already watering.....

AND...the other note about my camera..It broke:'( I'm so bummed.The lenses broke.I had given it to my sister to hold,she had put it in her purse(we were at the beach) and I guess sand got into her purse and to my camera,which ruined the lenses & I just got it for Christmas last year. Try to turn it on it does this "chick-cha-chik" sound that's sad & frustrating at the same time.The only thing you can do now is look at pictures,if you even try to take pictures,it come out looking distorted.
So there goes my camera rambling.I'm trying to be patient & try to fix it,but my fixing abilities is limited.So for now I'm saving for a Cannon Rebel(I have always wanted to have one)Anyways I won't die without a camera,I'll wait for those Black Friday sale on thanksgiving week &  HOPEFULLY it goes on sale.
 I hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday & I have to get back to finish reorganizing my room. Moce(bye in Fijian)


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Varanisese said...

That looks so good! especially the peppermint! I can't wait until christmas! P.s. yes, i'm waiting for a piece. :)