Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HELLO 2013....

Well.......HELLO y'all*&lt):) cowboy  I seriously have not been very good about keeping this here blog up to date.Last time I posted was right before thanksgiving,eekk.

I have some AMAZING news!!! I'm starting my clinical medical assistant program*:D big grin  Gosh life seems like it seriously is on jet speed for me. I'm looking for part-time jobs here & there..well basically everywhere I can(applied to lots of them too,so fingers & toes crossed)since my externship will be starting in May,I don't want the job to be full time(like 1 year commitment type a thing).

So far life is going great,especially when you have God on your side.I have learned you got to put your WHOLE TRUST in him,even when life seem like it's going crazy.I have my hope anchored in someone greater than anything in this world's got to offer..(I'm so going off topic) 

BUT..anywho, I'll be keeping up this blog updated a lot(SERIOUSLY,no joke) since I'll have my own laptop.That's all I have in my mind right now. I have to get back to getting all my school things together & reviewing  everything I need to bring the 1st day of class.

Have a wonderful week*:x lovestruck


p.s here a sneak of my books..I LOVE the smell of new books


Morgan said...

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Morgan Ilg


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