Thursday, November 1, 2012


THERE SURE IS!!!! (I'll try to keep this short,since,I know some looooong post can be boring ha;)

I was thinking today,as I woke up all warm(I really didn't want to get out of bed;) I thought,wow thank you God for a grand new day,I heard it pouring rain outside, I'm so thankful I have a roof over my head,I have a nice warm bed & heated house,thank you so much God.I thought of those who don't have a house & have to stay out in the freezing rain,stay under an over pass or a bridge.THANK YOU GOD for your blessings & I hope they find a warm place!!! 
Sometimes we get too focused on our own problems or "I wish I had this" mentality(Yea,I confess,sometimes I get a little TOO spoiled) all this kind of blinds our "gratefulness eye view" . We wish had a better house,car,room(me), body,whatever it is,you know the "I wish I can change" list. 
One day I thought,my word! I'm being such a brat, I have an awesome family that loves me,I have a house in an awesome neighborhood,I go to an amazing church and I have friends that are there for me.I have clothes(never ending), food,money,I'm all right in my mind,I don't have a disability and I'm here "wishing" I could change,SO BRATTY right!!! Yea,knock me in the head. I started to cry & said,You know God? I REALLY don't deserve all this,but THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything from the clothes on my back,to the food on the table,to me not being sickly,my family,church,life(that I'm still breathing) and just for EVERYTHING seriously and for YOU God,like THANK YOU for loving me even when I don't deserve it,THANK YOU for your provisions.THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! 

So each day thank God for something/anything,thank someone. Every time I wake up,I say "hey God,thanks for giving me a beautiful morning" .
 Wake up each day with a thankful heart and go to bed thanking him for the day that just finished.Trust me,outlook on life and others will definitely change.
*(& thanks for taking the time to read this:D



Lorrel E. said...

Amen Luisa...Preach! Haha. We do have SO MUCH to be thankful for!! It's amazing when we really think about it! I was actually thinking of doing a blog post about giving thanks and then I saw yours! Good post, loved it. =)

estetik said...

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frances said...

MOre, more, more!!!
Keep blogging, I'm always reading :)
Happy Love day!!! Hope that someone special comes by ;) love you!