Thursday, October 18, 2012

Windy Day(random post)

I felt like I was in the Wizard of Oz story line,it was so windy,with dust whirling around like a tornado was about to whisk me away to the land of Oz. It was really hot & windy and to add more of the "Kansas farm life"(I don't live in Kansas & don't plan to live there:) our neighbors were plowing their hay field. 
So I stayed mostly inside & mod-podged my "L" letter wood with a scrap of lace material. I'm a mod-podge freak,both me & my mumsy. It's a little tricky when you have to cut & fold the lace around the letter once it's glued,but you get a hang of it & end up with a gunk of glue all over your hands:)  We even mod-podged this container with a huge lace curtain that we got from the thrift store. 
Any-who,this is such a random post. I hope you all have a wonderful evening...

1)You can get the wooden letters from any craft store.
2)Spray paint it gold(or ANY color you love)
3)Mod-Podge(gloss) & a lace material,if you don't like lace,then any material will do:)
4)Cut around edges and lightly glue an over coat(not too much or it will look messy when dome)
5) Then let it dry for a couple hours.

Majestic Oak tree(took this picture today)

Me & the little sis. at LA.


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